Hello and welcome to the "Ilow Splann" website.

Ilow Splann (Cornish for "Music Splendid") is a duo consisting of Maggie Willmott and Carlton Crouch that specialises in Cornish music and early music. Maggie plays violin, recorder(s), keyboard and bodhran whilst Carlton plays border pipes, saxophone, recorder(s), cornamusen,  (maybe bombarde), guitar and bouzouki. Both Maggie and Carlton sing.

"Ilow Splann" is pronounced "Ill" (as in not well) "Oh" (as in "Oh!")  Splann ("plan" with a "S" on the front).

As a duo Ilow Splann play (and are looking to play) dances and concerts. Stuart House (Arts and Heritage Centre) in Liskeard has been a good venue for the duo, birthday parties looking for some Cornish dance music (with the help of a dance leader) have been successful as have other celebratory events. Some of Ilow Splann's early music is very suitable for churches.

Many Cornish folk tunes are written down as only a melody part. which allows considerable scope for Maggie and Carlton to arrange tunes in a variety of ways and also to write new tunes over existing melodies as either countermelodies or as a form of "breakdown" (a different melody over the same chord sequence). 

Ilow Splann's debut cd "Cornish Music for Dancing and Reflection" is now available (while stocks last).















On occaisions Ilow Splann has expanded to become "Bagas Donsya Ilow Splann" (literally "Band Dance Music Splendid"). For the 2017 "Nadellick Liskerrys" celebrations the excellent Pauline McKeogh joined the "bagas donsya" on melodeon and hurdy gurdy for an evening of "Nos Lowen" style music and dance. "Bagas Donsya Ilow Splann" supported top Cornish dance band "Skilly Widden" as part of a successful colaboration with Golden Tree Productions, Liskeard Town Council and Scoot Liskerrys.

Ilow Splann is pleased and fortunate to have played at some excellent events some of which are pictured in the web pages presented here. We would like to thank all the photographers and any soundrecordists who have contributed: Eileen Crouch, Mike Willmott, Rachel Bennett, Carmen Hunt,, Brian Oldham, Andy Bilewycz, Tony Mansell, Angela Wunnam and Wendy Parkyn, Keep the pictures coming please. Oll an gwella!

Ilow Splann

Ilow Splann at Callington Old Cornwall.j